Thank you

Åcon 9 is over. Thank you, everybody who came, participated, and made our little convention good! And especially big thanks to our Guest of Honor Emma Newman and her husband Peter who were interesting, funny, charming, and altogether wonderful guests!

The convention had 90 warm bodies on site, making this one of the largest Åcons ever. We hope to see you all at Åcon 10!

And if you feel up to it, please write a con report! We’ll be linking to reports and photo galleries so that others can enjoy them too.



No Åcon without excursions!


We have now added three excursions to the webshop:

  • Friday 10:00 AM, back again at 13:30: Ye Compleat Xocolatl Tasting Experience (1.5 hrs) — €60
    (includes 30 minutes strolling about in Eckerö)
  • Friday 10:00 AM, back again at 13:30: A Briefer Chocolate Tasting (0.5 hrs) — €35
    (includes 1 hour and 30 minutes strolling about in Eckerö)
  • Saturday 10:00 AM, back again at 13:00: Guided Tour and Beer Tasting at Open Water Brewery (1.5 hrs) — €35

All prices include bus transport to and from the chocolaterie/brewery. Buy your ticket today in the webshop! We close the bookings at midnight on Monday 7th May.



Book of the Night

Book of the Night is a late night group discussion at Åcon of a book that we think is worth talking about and has not been noticed as much as it possibly should have been.

Kate Wilhelm: Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang

where-late-the-sweet-bird-sangKate Wilhelm (1928–2018) was an influential SF writer not only through her own work but also because she helped to found the Clarion Writers Workshop in the late sixties, and has thus as a teacher influenced generations of writers. She was the Guest of Honor at Worldcon in 1980 and has won three Nebula awards for her short fiction, a Hugo for the best novel (Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang in 1977) and a Hugo for best related work (Storyteller: Writing Lessons and More from 27 Years of the Clarion Writers’ Workshop in 2006).

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Book Your Hotel Room

Åcon 9 is now opening hotel bookings. You will find instructions for how to reserve a bed on the Hotel info page. We have negotiated with the hotel and can offer the same rates as last year. The hotel will want your contact details and credit card number as a guarantee of the reservation. You will not have to pay until you get to the convention.

Go ahead and secure your bed right now, for a weekend with discussions of science fiction and fantasy with Emma Newman and all the other Åcon 9 members!