Åcon 9 will be held in the Hotel Adlon in Mariehamn, in 2018. Åcon is the small, relaxed literary science fiction convention that has been held eight times so far.

At Åcon:

  • The guest of honor is usually a non-best selling but really interesting author
  • The program is a single track with a 50/50 mix of silly and really serious
  • The program is very relaxed, with long pauses between some program items to allow members to sit in the bar or explore Mariehamn (and rest of Åland)
  • Only 100 memberships are sold, then we’re full
  • Everything is in English

Previous Åcons

  • Åcon 8 (2016), GoH Zen Cho (UK)
  • Åcon 7 (2014), GoH Karen Lord (Barbados)
  • Åcon 6 (2013), GoH Tricia Sullivan (UK)
  • Åcon 5 (2012), GoH Catherynne M. Valente (USA)
  • Åcon 4 (2010), GoH Geoff Ryman (UK)
  • Åcon 3 (2009), GoH Steph Swainston (UK)
  • Åcon 2 (2008), GoH Ian McDonald (UK)
  • Åcon 1 (2007), GoH Hal Duncan (UK)