17.00 Welcome
The con is go! Jukkahoo says a few words.
17.30 Le Guin and her worlds (panel)
Ursula K. Le Guin left us with many wonderful worlds. Discussing them are Jessica Elgenstierna (mod), Ben Roimola, Merja Polvinen, and Carolina Gomez Lagerlöf.
19.00 SQUEE! It’s OK to just like stuff (panel)
How’s life when you’re a huge fan of something? Discussing are Emma Newman, Fia Karlsson, Sanna Bo, Frida Otterhag, and Kisu Leikomaa.
21.00 What to watch 2018
What’s new on TV this season? What’s good, what should you beware? Elisa Wiik and Mikko Seppänen tell it all.


12.00 Book recommendations
Jukkahoo tells us which books we should not miss. The audience is welcome to offer their own recommendations as well.
13.30 Collecting books (panel)
Is book collecting a hobby or a disease? What are some of the tricks of the trade, and what are some of the most glorious moments in a collector’s life? Starring Shimo Suntila and others.
15.00 Guest of Honor interview
Sari Polvinen asks questions and Emma Newman comes up with replies.
16.30 Is Novella Superior form of SF/F? (panel)
Novella falls between a short story and a novel. What are the strengths of the form? Should there be more of it? Discussing the matter are Peter Newman, Cheryl Morgan, Johan Jönsson, and Václav Pata.
17.30 Break
Get up. Stretch. Go walk outside. Eat something. Take a nap. Chat with likeminded people over a pint.
19.30 Making science fiction and fantasy in audio form (panel)
What’s it like to make podcasts? Are audiobooks great or what? Talking about them are Emma Newman, Cheryl Morgan,and Sanna Bo.
21.00 Never Mind the Buzzaldrins
You know this. If you don’t, you’re in for a treat. Hosted by Jukkahoo.
22.30 Book of the Night: Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang
Discussing a book that didn’t get the attention it should have. This year’s book is Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang by Kate Wilhelm. Hosted by Sari Polvinen.


12.00 More recommendations
What else is there except books? Comics, films and the like, of course! Sanna Bo tells what’s good. Audience participation encouraged.
13.30 Scholarly talks
There are two intriguing presentations. Edmund Schluessel talks about the science of Stephen Hawking, a retrospective at a beginner level. Quantum black holes ahoy! Anders Sandberg talks about eschatology in science fiction, art and science. Or in layman’s terms, the end of the world and the ultimate destiny of humanity.
15.00 Music/musicals in SF/F (panel)
Hamilton! And there are bound to be other musicals as well. Raving about them are Sari Polvinen, Kisu Leikomaa, and Jukka Särkijärvi.
16.30 GoH Fun Hour!
Emma Newman takes us for a ride.
17.30 Break
Was breakfast the last time you ate? Go fix that. Pizza is divine.
19.30 The Match Game
Two contestants will be selected to find their ultimate fannish match. Who likes the stuff you do? Game is run by Fia Karlsson.
21.00 Gaming and Writing (panel)
Writing for games by gaming writers: Emma Newman, Peter Newman, Jukka Särkijärvi, Ela Głowacka, and Karolina Fedyk.
22.30 Just a Speculative Fiction Minute!
Cheer as contestants come up with brief tales that last only a minute. Hosted by the one and only Jukkahoo!


10.30 Morning chat show — Why do we as SF/F fans enjoy talking about books with other sentient beings?
Led by Shimo (unless he has something better to do, in case we’ll find someone else!).