How to Get to Åcon

From Finland

As usual, we are offering a group travel option to Åcon from Turku on Silja Line’s ferries. We will depart on May 10th at 8.15 a.m. and return on May 13th at 13.45.

NOTE: Travel booking period (via us) has ended. You can still reserve the trip directly from the ferry company.

You can buy the tickets with breakfast and lunch options from our web store. As this time it will be cheaper for adults to get a cabin for four people than a deck place, we are offering only E cabins (above car deck). You can indicate preferred cabin mates when you buy the trip. If you choose not to do so, we will distribute you more or less randomly. Children will nominally travel on deck places, children under six will travel without charge, but we need their information for the ferry company.

You can also reserve a place for a passenger car, motorcycle or a bicycle. It is also possible to reserve a pet cabin (mandatory) and a pet ticket if you are traveling with a dog or a cat. Please contact Sari if you have questions about these products, or about taking pets or transport along in general.

If you are traveling with us only one way, be in touch and we will sort you out.

If you have a Club One card, please add its number to your (and parallel card owner’s) reservation in order to get the points from the trip.

The final date to reserve your trip is the 10th of April, after that we can no longer change our reservation without additional charges. If however, you need to make changes after that date, contact Sari directly and we’ll see what we can do.

Unfortunately, VR will not be running the morning train from Helsinki to Turku Harbour on Thursday, as it is a holiday. We suggest that people coming from Helsinki region think about carpooling, check the coach schedules, or arrive in Turku already on Wednesday. The two closest hotels to the harbor are Best Western Hotel Seaport and Laivahostel (ship hostel) Borea.

If you have any questions about the travel, please contact us through Facebook or email Sari.

From Sweden

There hasn’t been much interest in group travel from Stockholm in the previous years, so we will let you sort out your travel yourselves. You seem to be good at it. If you really would like us to arrange group travel from Stockholm, let us know, and we’ll probably do it for Åcon 10.